Why Should You Choose Zap Skimboards?

Zap skimboards are the dream of anyone interested in skimboarding. It would be great to conquer a breaking wave with an excellent skimboard from Zap. The feeling of overcoming the majesty of nature with a perfect sidekick is memorable.

In this post, we will not only give you the essential information about the brand Zap, but we also give you a list of top 4 most appropriate skimboards from Zap for you.

What Is Zap?

What Is ZapDuring the first years of the 1980s, Bob Smetts was in his most miserable times because he was doing business in a risky market-handmade surfboard making. The sales were terrible, but the profits were even worse.

Then, a person asked him to produce the first version of a thing called skimboard-a board that is smaller and thinner than a surfboard. With an experienced manufacturer as Smetts, this task was like forcing a person who was specialized in forging a sword to make a knife.

However, after considering for a while, Smetts realized that making a cheaper kind of surfboard maybe a good idea for him to attract a massive number of customers.

As a result, he established a company to make skimboards and named it Zap. Now, Zap is located in Venice, Italy. This company is regarded as one of the first companies to make skimboards, and it paves the way for the use of foam, but not plywood, in manufacturing skimboards.

Are Zap Skimboards Good?

Are Zap Skimboards GoodSkimboards are always seen as a small version of surfboards. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t assume that a small one will come with fewer functions and benefits. Let’s go through some factors that a Zap skimboard has over a surfboard.

Firstly, like every skimboard in the world, a Zap skimboard is affordable. Because a skimboard takes fewer materials to create than that of a surfboard, it is usually cheaper. However, in some cases, the kind of stuff and the way a craftsman sculpts it will increase the cost of a skimboard.

Next, a skimboard is more portable than a big and bulky surfboard. With a regular-sized sedan, you can still have difficulty in carrying a surfboard around. But, a skimboard is lighter and thinner for transport.

What’s more, Zap company is showing its leading role in the skimboard industry by making skimboards from foam. It means that, with foam, your board will be lighter and more lucrative for reselling.

Furthermore, Smetts’s company adds some new features so that you can use a Zap skimboard even in rivers or lakes.

The only weak point of a Zap skimboard is that it is definitely unsuitable for anyone who likes hardcore wave surfing or a traditional board. If you want to enjoy the feeling of using a surfboard, a skimboard is not for you.

How Much Does A Zap Skimboard Cost?

How Much Does A Zap Skimboard CostThe procedure incorporates utilizing modernized cutting machines. The Zap company manufactures boards in an assortment of sizes and shapes, which offers a discount to a system of vendors. You have to spend $100 or more than $400 for a Zap skimboard.

To save the budget, you can buy used Zap ones from skimboarders in the skimboard community. Don’t have to worry about the shortage of skimboards, because many people are prone to having a skimboard instead of a surfboard for more convenient features. As a result, the number of exchanged skimboard will increase, and you will have more choices.

Top 4 Best Zap Skimboards For You

Zap Wedge Medium Skimboard

Zap Wedge Medium SkimboardTo anyone who has just started skimboarding, this Wedge Medium Skimboard is the must-have one. Many beginners of skimboarding develop their skills by using this Medium Wedge.

The Wedge comes in three separate sizes: small, medium and large. Hence, it is an ideal one for the simplest level of wave-riding. Even guys with moderate height can enjoy their surfing with this skimboard from Zap for sand-sliding and other basic skills.

The Wedge Medium skimboard of Zap is the most renowned board for a beginner with high-performance shape. It comes with many choices and mixtures of color for users to express their characteristics or simply match the color of their skimboard with the bathing suit.

This skimboard can uphold weight from 35 to 55kg. The core of it is carefully crafted to be more reliable for a better floating. Riders at younger ages are recommended to use this kind of skimboard because it is small and light enough for faster movements in performing skills.

Outstanding features:

  • Various choices of colors
  • 45 x 19¾ x ½ inch in size
  • 55kg withstand
  • Strong core
  • Best skimboard for beginners

Verdict: For people who have just started skimboarding, this skimboard can be regarded as a must-have item for them. Plus, this Zap Wedge Medium is suitable for people with moderate height and weight. What’s more, it is the common skimboard for many riders to improve their skills, so young skimboarders should purchase this one.

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Zap Lazer Skimboard

Zap Lazer SkimboardYou will have two different options of size with Lazer Skimboard from Zap: a mini one and a regular one. The difference between these two sizes lies in its tail. In the mini version, the skimboard has a squash tail, while the regular version comes with a pintail.

The Zap Lazer Skimboard offers surfers with great force and excellent sliding. People who are practicing skimboarding and trying to get used to the power of the wave should opt for this one.

Lazer Skimboard from Zap can be used by even small-size users because it is not heavy and can be carried anywhere. Little people don’t need to face the struggle of carrying a heavy and large skimboard around. You should only use this skimboard in the case of small waves or sand surfing.

Every board is decorated with handcrafted and colorful graphics, so there will be a wide range of options for any rider. Because this skimboard is suggested for tiny guys, it can only stand the maximum of 37 kg, a low weight limit compared to other boards.

Outstanding features:

  • Can be used by kids
  • High-quality materials for better durability
  • Making sand gliding much easier i miss more four words
  • Unique colors, details
  • 40 inches in length
  • 4’2 to 5’0 feet high

Verdict: Despite the low weight limit, this skimboard can still serve many fundamental demands of customers. Also, its small shape helps you a lots when you need to carry around. Therefore, Zap Lazer skimboard is appropriate for anyone who is fond of travelling.

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Zap Lazer Mini Skimboard – Custom Artwork

Zap Lazer Mini SkimboardWith the “Mini” in its name, we all know that the Zap Lazer Mini Skimboard is a smaller version of the Zap Lazer one above.

Like the recent version of it, this skimboard is ideal for people who are keen on sliding on sand or just taking the first steps on their skimboarding. Because this Lazer Mini is small, it slides fast and provides users with floaty rides. This is one advantage that Zap Lazer Mini has over woody skimboards.

This skimboard is gonna be the most wonderful gift for a grommet in your family because it comes with a reasonable price, a small size, and not too complicated to control.

Additionally, Zap Lazer Mini Skimboard is particularly created for the best sand sliding experience. With the appropriate shape, rail contour, and rocker, the Lazer Mini helps to reduce the level of difficulty for your children’s riding. What’s more, it is manufactured from lightweight materials so that anyone can easily carry and hold. Because this skimboard is made mostly for children, its weight limit is only 35kg.

What makes this skimboard outstanding among many others is the artwork on it. The artwork is customized by skilled craftsmen from Zap with diverse choices of color and detail. When you buy one Zap Lazer Mini Skimboard, it means that you are going to own a one-of-a-kind skimboard in the world, it doesn’t resemble any other skimboard in the market.

Outstanding features:

  • 35.5 x 18.75 x ⅜ inch
  • Unique artwork
  • The suitable skimboard for children
  • Useful for san sliding
  • Easy to control and hold

Verdict: Easy to control, Zap Mini Lazer is the ideal gift for your children if they have an interest in surfing. Additionally, you can send your favorite images or pictures to the company so that they can customize them on the surface of this skimboard. Zap Mini Lazer must be one of the best skimboards for children.

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Zap Fish Skimboard

Zap Fish SkimboardFirst, look at the name of this skimboard! We think that you all know what the inspiration for making this board is. Yes! Zap Fish Skimboard resembles the old fishtail design. It will support you when surfing across the small and medium-sized waves.

If you don’t want to have a wedge-shaped skimboard, Fish Skimboard from Zap is the best alternative for you. With this skimboard, you will get a stable ride and easy trick-landing.

For people who want to acquire the art of riding waves, this Zap Fish Skimboard is the best sidekick ever. The Zap Fish improves the floatation and speed of your riding by its fishtail design. Furthermore, its large belly and nose bring you more stable surfing.

Outstanding features:

  • 47’ x 20.5’ x 625’ inch
  • Uphold to 73kgs
  • High-quality materials: Composilite, Polyester
  • For skimboarders who want to advance their skills

Verdict: With the fishtail design, Zap Fish skimboard enhances the smoothness, stability, floatation of your riding. Yet, this skimboard should be used only against small and medium-sized waves for the safety of riders.

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In Conclusion

We have provided you with fundamental knowledge about Zap company-one of the most outstanding brand in making skimboards. In fact, skimboards from Zap can be used by any skimboarders from the grommets to the adults. The products of Zap also offer customers a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. If you have an intention of purchasing the first skimboard for yourself, Zap skimboards will meet your demand successfully. Keep following our website for more articles about skimboarding.

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